Flatirons Practice

flatirons practice Sept 17, 2017

Trying to paint the most iconic view in Boulder requires practice and a lot of it. With that said, I’m pretty happy with how things are coming along.

Once I get back into the artisan fair rotation and begin to focus on my business more, I hope to offer my watercolors (mountains, flatirons, skylines, etc) as cards for sale.

Trying Something New

Acrylics have always been my strong suit. However, my style requires a lot of time and patience and recently I’ve had little of both. So in order to ┬ámake me feel productive and challenge myself, I’ve picked up watercolors. Turns out, nice quality liquid watercolors are WAY more fun to use than the little crayola disk watercolors we got as elementary students.

I’m excited to see the progress I’ve made in such a small amount of time and how drastically different my watercolor technique is compared to my acrylics.

I also realized that making cards with watercolors is way more fun than trying to buy one from the store.

Summer’s Black Diamond

It took a while, but I finally managed to get around to finishing another piece for my Across the Divide collection. This time I mixed it up a bit with 1. color and 2. a non-winter piece.


Summer’s Black Diamond. 2014. Acrylic on canvas. 18×24

The good thing about knowing tons of active Coloradans is the endless supply of inspiration. This fall I met a really fantastic group of adventurous spirits in Golden, CO. Not only did they inspire me to take on my own adventures, but they had some really great photos from their own trips that fell right into my wheelhouse of painting aesthetics.

The title came about from two different ideas. The most obvious reason behind the name is gear bag to the far left is the brand Black Diamond. The other reason gets a little more abstract: The hardest routes in snowboarding/skiing are labeled as black diamonds. The route this group is about to embark on isn’t the easy route, but they’re about to take on the hardest route, the black diamond.