What’s next?

After the Jackalope Art fair was finished, I got a lot of people asking, “so what’s next?” Good question.  Even though the first show went really well, I’m still really nervous about putting myself out there. It’s a big investment both emotionally and financially. But as I sit here typing this, I have 4 applications for art shows and art residencies in the works. Whether or not I actually send out the applications and their fees is another story.

In addition to potentially participating in summer art fairs, I’m also working on setting up an etsy account to make it easier for people to purchase prints/paintings. Once that account is up and running I will spread the good news.


2nd day of Jackalope with my biggest cheerleader/booth engineer


Hand Painted Ornaments

In the months leading up the Jackalope Art Fair, I worked on an array of ornaments to sell. Below are samples (not all) of the ornaments that I sold at the fair. Ornaments were a hit since it was the holiday season, they were cheaper price points, and each was hand painted originals.

The Square ornaments were painted canvas superglued to little wooden polaroid-looking frames. I then used holiday washi tape to cover the backs. I think they turned out really well, but probably should have reinforced the tape with superglue as well.

Can’t wait to work on more ornaments for next Christmas!


2.5×3 canvas ornaments

The wooden round ornaments were directly painted on with a label, year, and signature on the back.


round wood ornaments

And Now for Something Completely Different

One Friday evening while sharing a pitcher at our local haunt, Elliot shared a photo from his childhood with me. I immediately thought, “I want to paint this!” and made him email it to me that second. It’s not that often that I’m immediately enamored with a photo so much I can’t wait to start painting it– let alone one with not one, but 4 faces!

I avoid painting portraits like the plague. But as we all know, you can’t get better at something if you never work at it.The biggest draw was the clothing. Painting the folds and shadows of clothing is one my favorite things to do and I took this painting as a good exercise/challenge.

After a month of work, I finally had a piece I was pretty proud of.

Four Brothers

“Four Brothers” 2014. Acrylic on canvass 12×16


Rediscovering the Ballpoint pen

Since I’ve still been struggling to find motivation and patience to start a new painting, I’ve at least satiated my hunger for making art by sketching. To make things more challenging (yet a good exercise) I’ve been sketching with ballpoint pen (and even at one point a sharpie). That way, when I screw up, I have to figure out how to work with that misplaced line/shadow/splotch rather than letting the left side of my brain take over and erase that “mistake”. Work with what you’ve got!

I’ve been doing ballpoint pen sketches here and there for a couple months and I just kept adding them to my previous post about sketches. Since that was starting to get a bit long I decided to create this new post for your viewing pleasure:


Never Summer. 2014. ballpoint pen on paper. 5×7

bro line

BroLine. 2014. ballpoint pen on paper. 5×7


Smitten Kitten. 2014. Ballpoint pen on paper


ABasin. 2014. ballpoint pen on paper. 5×7


Indian Peaks Tent. 2014. ballpoint pen on paper. 5×7


Untitled Skier. 2014. ballpoint pen on paper. 8×11


Snowboard Chick. 2014. ballpoint pen on paper. 5×7


View from Copper. 2015. ballpoint pen on paper. 5×7

Keep checking back because I’ll inevitably just add more pictures to the end of this post rather than writing a new one each time.

Christmas Paintings 2013

As I’ve gotten older, (and perhaps a bit more Boulder-esque) I’ve grown to appreciate holidays for spending time with family/friends and not the commercial aspect. Don’t get me wrong– I like giving gifts, but now I prefer to make gifts as to buying things since it means a whole lot more.

This year’s lot:


Gift for my Brother: Frankenstein and His Bride. 2013. Pencil on paper. 9×12.


Gift for my future sister-in-law: Cat’s Squirrel. 2013. Acrylic on Canvass board.

This squirrel was actually was a lot of fun to paint! I poured myself a glass of wine (or two) and just went to town. Using a lot of paint on my brush I acted fast to be able to blend colors on the canvass. I love how this one turned out because it’s more “artsy” than my usual work.


Gift for my sister and brother-in-law: Sir Vance. 2013. Acrylic on canvass. 9×12.

I always love painting in black and white and enjoy it even more when it’s doing the folds of clothing. I heard how much my brother-in-law loved Carl so I knew I had to do a piece like that for Christmas, except with their cat, Vance.


Flatirons. 2013. Acrylic on canvass sheet. 18×20 (?)

 I’ve always wanted to paint the flatirons, but have never had the motivation to attempt them. They may look simple, but are actually very challenging especially since I see them every day and haven’t perfected painting rock yet. I thought the flatirons would be a good choice as a gift for my parents. Perhaps it’ll motivate them to visit some time.


A Commissioned Portrait

20131029_194627Some how the last time I was home I was commissioned (convinced? coerced? tricked?) into doing a portrait of a family friend’s grandkids. KIDS?! PORTRAIT!?

I don’t do portraits.

Portraits are probably the hardest thing someone could ask me to paint.  I think maybe I could paint people ok enough as long as they weren’t supposed to look like anyone in particular, but portraits are supposed to look like someone that the person knows. There’s personality and character that needs to be captured with a portrait and that’s really hard to do. 

I tried though.

Ideally I wanted to do this in color because I had some really cool ideas for backgrounds that could have only been achieved through color. Since I was already WAY out of my comfort zone, I stuck with black and white to make this endeavor a bit more bearable.578691_10102515078195017_163095058_n

The painting sat untouched for a couple weeks as I tried to figure out the right background. Personally, I really liked the piece with the blank background as I’m a big fan of minimalism. But since this was intended as an xmas gift for someone else, I knew I had to do cover the canvass to give it a “complete” look. Not everyone enjoys super minimalism/blank canvass as much as I do.


Finally, one tuesday evening I poured myself a glass (or two) of wine and decided to just put paint on the canvass and let the brush figure out the rest.

kids Kids. 2013. Acrylic on Canvass. 16×20