What’s next?

After the Jackalope Art fair was finished, I got a lot of people asking, “so what’s next?” Good question.  Even though the first show went really well, I’m still really nervous about putting myself out there. It’s a big investment both emotionally and financially. But as I sit here typing this, I have 4 applications for art shows and art residencies in the works. Whether or not I actually send out the applications and their fees is another story.

In addition to potentially participating in summer art fairs, I’m also working on setting up an etsy account to make it easier for people to purchase prints/paintings. Once that account is up and running I will spread the good news.


2nd day of Jackalope with my biggest cheerleader/booth engineer

Hand Painted Ornaments

In the months leading up the Jackalope Art Fair, I worked on an array of ornaments to sell. Below are samples (not all) of the ornaments that I sold at the fair. Ornaments were a hit since it was the holiday season, they were cheaper price points, and each was hand painted originals.

The Square ornaments were painted canvas superglued to little wooden polaroid-looking frames. I then used holiday washi tape to cover the backs. I think they turned out really well, but probably should have reinforced the tape with superglue as well.

Can’t wait to work on more ornaments for next Christmas!


2.5×3 canvas ornaments

The wooden round ornaments were directly painted on with a label, year, and signature on the back.


round wood ornaments

Upcoming Art Show: Jackalope Denver

December 10-11th from 10am to 5pm I will be manning my very first art booth! I was accepted to participate in the Jackalope Denver Art Fair. I’m really excited about this event as it should be a really great place to find unique gift ideas and best of all, it’s free! You can find out more information, including info on all participating artisans (myself included), at http://www.jackalopeartfair.com/denver.


It’s less than a month away from the show and I still have so much to do! Most of my ducks are starting to fall into line, but I still have my biggest project to figure out and complete; building my booth. Since it’s my first show I decided to rent the cheapest spot available, however that only leaves me 6×6 ft to work with so I’ll have to get creative. Luckily I’m dating an engineer so he’s decided to make this task his special project. Bless him. Meanwhile, I’ll pour myself more coffee and get back to painting.

Wish me luck and I hope to see you there! Look for me on the 3rd floor, booth 106.

Getting My Business Going

I have enjoyed painting for myself, for friends, and for family, but since I was a little kid I wanted to be an artist. That career choice was beat out of me at an early age. But recently I have started to think that maybe “being an artist” could be more than just a hobby. Maybe, if I am lucky enough, my work could be seen somewhere other than my apartment and be seen by someone other than my friends.

Moral of today’s story: I’ve decided to buckle down and focus on building up the business side of my art. I did not get an MBA so this part does not come naturally to me. Honestly, this is the part I REALLY struggle with and is the reason painting has only been a hobby up until now. Luckily, my boyfriend and my equally-artistic best friend have been extremely supportive (and at times, I think, delusional) of my new plan. Without these two’s encouragement (and the support of other amazing people I know in CO), I doubt I’d be heading down this scary path.

I may not be moving at lightning speed, but I have been making a few steps in the right direction:

New Business Cards? check.

New Business Cards? check.

I have new business cards, I’ve applied to an arts & craft show in Denver, I’ve emailed a couple galleries and coffee shops, and I’ve gotten my hands on a high quality camera. As of today, I’ve ordered a few sample giclee prints and canvass wraps. If I’m happy with the quality of reproduction, I’ll start having prints available for sale of each of my pieces both online and (fingers crossed) at shows.

I may not be there yet, but I am so much closer than I was yesterday.

Excited Ramblings about Booking My 1st Show

boulder-expressions (1)

I’m Booked!

My very first show and I couldn’t be more excited/nervous about it. I went to the RAW showcase in Boulder last year and loved it. I never would have honestly expected that I would be showing at the same show a year later. Hell, a few months ago I was still thinking that it’d be another 6 months to a year before I could hang work somewhere.

On June 2nd I’ll be showing my work for the first time at the RAW Boulder show: Expressions. Fingers crossed it won’t be my last show.

I’m blessed to have friends both in Wisconsin and Colorado who have supported my passion and encouraged me to start showing/selling my work. Without their words of encouragement, I probably would have continued hoarding all of my paintings and secretly imagining hanging my work someday. Ever since I was a little badgerita, I’ve been ingrained with the idea that art was only a hobby. I was lead to believe that art wasn’t a career.  Now that I’ve booked my first show, I’ve slowly started to break down that emotional wall and can start taking my passion more seriously. I mean, look at me…I have a blog!

It’ll be a tough couple weeks leading up to the show since 1. I have no idea what I’m doing, 2. I need to market myself and sell tickets to the show but most of all 3. The show is 1 week before our law firm takes a potential life sentence case to jury trial. Working in a law firm helps pay the bills, but it also means 14 hour days, 7 days a week at the office when prepping for trial. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to take off Sunday afternoon/evening to participate in this show. Balancing trial prep with preparing for my very first show may be suicide, but it’ll be worth it. I can’t wait to show my friends and, for the first time, strangers my work!

WHEN: June 2nd, 6pm-10pm

WHERE: Absinthe House, downtown Boulder, 1109 Walnut street

HOW: Purchase tickets for $10 by May 30th at http://www.rawartists.org/mefrankenstein

For those of you who happen to know my work, I plan on showing my “For the Birds” collection at the show. I may try to do at least one new piece that fits into the collection. I’m playing with the idea of showing some pieces from my current collection “Across the Divide” as well, but I’m hesitant to mix such different collections. I may save that one for a first friday art walk down on Santa Fe. Purchase your ticket and see what I decide to do!