Saturday Omelette Deconstructed

saturday breakfast deconstructed

Saturday Omelette Deconstructed. 2016

With our new “grown up” home, I’ve really been motivated to paint new pieces to hang in our kitchen and the breakfast nook. One Saturday morning I walked to the Michaels and picked up 6 little 4×4 inch stretched canvasses. (buy one get one free. yippee!).

When I’m not out in the mountains, I love to make big breakfasts on the weekends (which usually consist of breakfast burritos or omelettes). So I took the ingredients we tend to use the most and highlighted each one singularly on its own canvass.  I’m particularly proud of the mushroom in this series because it best captures the brush strokes and movement I was going for.

These were so much fun to do that I think if I can keep finding these little canvasses for cheap, I’ll branch out into a bunch of different foods/kitchen objects.


Avocados and Movement

I’ve been wanting to work on being loser/more liberal with my brush strokes and color usage and less focused on details/realism. One morning I instagramed my avocados. Turns out, the light and simplicity of the photo served as a good source of inspiration for trying out this different style.  I was determined to be more free and have obvious brush strokes, really working at not blending the colors too much. I wanted to really focus on the movement of each stroke and colors rather than what avocados look like realistically.

Avocados. 2016. Acrylic on Canvass. 12x12

Avocados. 2016. Acrylic on Canvass. 12×12



Jolie. 2016. Acrylic on Canvass 8×10.

I wanted to surprise one of my best friends with a little gift because 1. she’s amazing and 2. she just got engaged. This piece managed to come together so quickly and easily thanks to multiple factors hitting at once: Work was cancelled due to a major snow dumping, my friend got engaged to a great guy with an adorable dog, and I had a new bag of coffee beans hand-delivered from Seattle.  So after scrolling through both her and her now-fiance’s instagram accounts, I found a photo that would play to my strengths; using black and white to create depth, highlights & shadows, and folds.

I’m quite proud of this painting that amazingly only took me a day to complete (granted, it was a long day with only breaks for more coffee and some food), so I do wish I had gotten better photos of it before shipping it to D.C.

Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin & Hobbes for my Winter Companion. 2015. Acrylic on canvas. 9×11

I really like painting calvin and hobbes. I think the best part about it is trying to replicate the nuances of water color but with acrylic paint. I also really enjoy the mixture of soft water color background with the distinct black-outlined foreground subject of calvin and hobbes.

Collaborating with The Ridgelings


About a year ago my friends, who had just started up a folk band, approached me and asked me if I would be interested in doing art work for them.  They had seen some of my rough sketches I had done while bored at work and wanted that style– rough ballpoint pen sketches.  How could I say no to helping out such talented artists?


It was nice to spend weekend afternoons, sipping on coffee, and sketching all sorts of “folky” things. The even better part was swinging by their practice to surprise them with completed sketches.


farm truck

Sunday evening, March 12th, The Ridgelings had their cd release at Etown Hall. The show was their best one yet, and the CDs turned out so slick! I had done a sketch of a horse’s eye months prior and had pretty much forgotten about its existence. Seeing the old school printing of that sketch on an almost cardboard like cd case made me excited about my own artwork (which is real hard to do). Not only was the cover my work, but each section inside the unfolded case had other sketches I had done for them. (You can see those on my facebook page).


hard winter rations

There is nothing better than being able to collaborate and help out other local artists.

The Ridgelings, “Hard Winter Rations” for sale on their website.