Artists helping Artists

Check it out, guys! The Colorado based “free grass” band, Mountain Standard Time, used one of my favorite paintings (“Night Owl“) to promote their fall tour!

Slowly, yet surely, I’m doing something more with my work and I’m so excited about it.


Night Owl.


Had an idea in my head so I went and purchased a new black canvass from Meininger’s


Can’t paint without some sort of stimulant. Since it was early afternoon I made a french press rather than opening up some Malbec.


Sketched out a basic outline and then started a base layer.


I have a problem of working too closely.  I need to remember to step away, rest my eyes, and get a new fresh look at dimensions and highlights and make sure it looks good from far away.



“Night Owl” 2013. Acrylic on canvass. 12×16