Capturing (a little) Colorado


A Colorado Fall. 2016. Acrylic on canvas. 5×7


Indian Peaks in Black and White. 2016. Acrylic on canvas. 5×7


Indian Peaks in Color. 2016. acrylic on canvas. 5×7


TenMile from Copper

Tenmile from Copper. 2016. Acrylic on canvass. 24x36

Tenmile from Copper. 2016. Acrylic on canvass. 24×36

This view of the ten mile range is one of my favorite views from Copper Mountain ski resort. Every time I go to Copper, I take at least one picture of this view so it only makes sense to do a painting of it.

I started this piece in April 2015 and by June 2015, I hit a major painter’s block.  Unable to decide how I wanted to complete this piece and unmotivated to figure it out I then let it sit, half completed, for an entire year until mid June 2016.  After moving into a bigger home more conducive for painting, I was finally motivated to put my brush to canvass and once I made those initial strokes, the rest quickly fell into place.

Copper Ski Lift No. 1

I had Monday off of work and needed to fill an empty spot in my new office. So I made a full french press, turned on netflix, and managed to complete this piece. Not my best work, but it’s a good start/warmup to a ski lift collection.

copper skilift1

Copper SkiLift No. 1. 2016. Acrylic on Canvass. 11×14


I’ve recently realized that Aspens are a lot of fun to paint. They’re a good subject to keep me preoccupied between bigger projects and they’re easy to try out new styles with.


Up through Aspens. 2015. Acrylic on Canvass. 11×14


Aspens Color. 2015. Acrylic on canvass. 8×10

Mom’s Aspens

moms aspens

Mom’s Aspens. 2015. Acrylic on canvas. 20×24

I’ve been awful at painting recently (i.e. no motivation, little inspiration, and meager free time). Luckily, my parents have a new home that has lots of empty wall space and they were visiting in September. So I had someone to paint for and a timeline to work with.  I was given a color scheme and I knew my mom already had pictures of trees hanging– so aspens in the fall was a natural choice. The hardest part was melding my style with something my parents would like.

Aspens are a lot of fun to paint and this one got a fair amount of positive feedback. My roommate said I should do a piece like this for our place so, needless to say, I’ll be doing more paintings of aspens.

Copper Peeking

I spent a lot of time at Copper Mountain this ski season and got a lot of inspiration. Now that the season is coming to a close I’ve had more time to recreate the views I enjoyed all winter.

copper peek sketch

This past week I received a promotion and therefore had an office to decorate. I really liked how my sketch (above) turned out and thought it would be a quick and easy piece to put on canvass to cover up a really ugly wall in my office. Considering I’ve been feeling a bit rusty and I did this whole piece in one sitting, I think it turned out well enough.

Copper peak Copper Peeking. 2015. acrylic on canvass. 20×24