About M.E.

M.E. Frankenstein is a Boulder based artist working primarily in acrylics. Born and raised in Wisconsin, M.E. relocated to Colorado in 2010 where she immediately fell in love with the active Colorado lifestyle and beautiful scenery. M.E. took art classes while in high school but then went on a four year total hiatus from painting while pursuing her undergraduate  degree at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. It wasn’t until she started a new life out west that M.E. was able to rekindle her passion for painting and began to reteach herself how to paint.11008068_10104263173073867_5245215993798226166_n

As an avid backpacker, M.E. uses every trip to the mountains to find inspiration for her pieces. The majority of M.E’s work are black and white mountainscapes (and occasionally color pieces) created from photos she took while on hiking/snowboarding trips. Spending time isolated in the mountains is both incredibly beautiful and peaceful but it can also be dangerous. She tries to capture these contrasting ideas and feelings by using short abrupt brushstrokes along with flowing soft strokes.

In addition to mountainscapes, M.E. has found a happy niche of painting friends’ dogs- another Colorado staple. She also likes to practice new techniques and styles with fun subjects like coffee, avocados, and breakfast foods.

Things that make her world go round: Painting, Black Coffee, Red Wine, Snowboarding, Backpacking, and Exploring Mountains.

Contact M.E. at: mefrankenstein.art@gmail.com

Follow her on Instagram: @mefrankenstein.art or her personal page @mefrankenstein



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