Some Beaver Creek for Beaver Dam

I finished the second piece I promised my mother! I feel like I should pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate, except for the fact that I still have a hefty to-do list ahead of me and Xmas will be approaching faster than anticipated… and the minor fact that I don’t have a bottle on hand.

This time around, I decided to do a piece that would be truer to my “Across the Divide” collection and closer to my style than the previous piece I did for my mom. With that said, since it is more my speed, I have my toes and fingers crossed that she likes this one too. artist dinner

Some times I like to pretend that I’m channeling the great artists of the past when I have wine, cheese, and bread for dinner. This tends to be the best fuel for getting work done. I figure if it worked for Matisse and Van Gogh then maybe it could work for me, right?


Living in a new home means painting in a new environment. My roomie’s dog, Yuki, kept me company while painting over a couple saturdays and sundays. It was nice having a painting buddy… except for when she decided to get up and pant her stinky doggy breath right into my face

.BC3      close up ski

A close up of the little skier dude. Personally, I prefer snowboarding, but I couldn’t find any good snowboarder images to paint. I wanted someone in a fairly normal/easy position to paint proportionately as well as cool shadows to work with. So I ended up with this guy.


“Beaver Creek Larkspur” 2013. Acrylic on Canvas. 18×24