Butterbread. 2012


“Butterbread” may just be my favorite painting yet. It’s not one of those pieces that everyone always comments on, it doesn’t really photograph well, but it holds a very special spot in my heart… and on my bedroom wall. I can’t really explain why this piece speaks to me so much, but I shall try my best.

Of the people I’ve spoken to about this piece, I’ve gotten a few different critiques. The general consensus has been that it’s a sad/depressing piece. I was actually really surprised to hear that one. After reflecting on that for a while, I can see where they’re coming from.  This painting was a completely organic creation (unlike most of my pieces that are based on photographs or other pieces that stir inspiration). So maybe when I painted this piece I was subconsciously feeling very alone and isolated. But then again, a lot of my current pieces feature an isolated subject. Some people may read into that. I’m not going to psychoanalyze myself through my paintings. I have plenty of other things to worry about (like what I’m going to paint next or when I can go rock climbing again).

Whether “depressing” or not, I am very proud of this piece. Butterbread (named after a fish I won at the dodge county fair when I was real young) is a good example of the new voice I found in Colorado. It’s super minimal with a whole lot of negative space. I love the simplicity. Some people feel you need to fill the whole canvass and sometimes I feel like it’s cheating, but it’s my painting and I can do whatever I want to (The perks of being the painter, amiright?). I’m also really proud of the transparency I was able to achieve as well as the detail I achieved with the scales.

butterbread close up

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