“Across the Divide” in the works.


I am so excited about my current collection, “Across the Divide”. I had the most epic snowboard season this past winter and I wanted to capture some of the excitement and solitude I experience in the mountains. I would describe what the mountains do for my soul each weekend, but I am a painter, not a writer. I not good with the putting of the words together. Ergo, I paint the mountains. Sadly, neither paintings nor photographs can capture what sort of heaven I experience when across the divide, but I try.


“Berthoud Backcounty” 2013. Acrylic on canvass. 36×40

I paint pieces that speak to me and for the most part, I can never explain why. It’s just a feeling. It wasn’t until my friend, and impressive writer, Jeff wrote a blog piece about my collection that I realized something about myself. I knew that I liked playing with minimalism, but he made me realize how isolated my paintings were. All of my pieces seem to have an isolated figure, but it was in Across the Divide that it hit me over the head. Berthoud (pictured above) is the most blatant of those. A single rider in the backcountry, looking ahead to the path ahead of her. A lot of pieces that speak to me the most (especially in this collection) are usually of a single rider or two, from the back and a great almost overwhelming expanse of mountain ahead of them. “Berthoud” speaks to me in a lot of ways, but those are for me. I want this piece to speak to others in their own way and not have to rely on what I get out of it.


“Vail Pass” 2013. Acrylic on Canvass. 16×20

Vail Pass is another prime example of the isolation and solitude one can find in the mountains. If you look real close you can see a single rider in the vastness of vail pass.


Close up of “Loveland Pow” 2013. Acrylic on Canvass. 18×24.

I have to give a huge giant shoutout to my dear friend, Derek. Without his constant thirst for more epic pow, I wouldn’t have access to so much inspiration (nor would I find myself hiking up ridges to drop down chutes, or conquering multiple 14ers in one day, but I digress). “Loveland Pow” is a great example of the great Colorado spirit that Derek exudes: flying down on fresh powder with his tongue hanging out, just loving pow. Pure joy that only the mountains can give.

One of the current pieces I’m working on (pictured above) may be the most out of the norm for me. 1. It’s color and 2. there’s no isolation. In fact, this piece has multiple people in it. It was actually a picture I took on my phone from opening day at Arapahoe Basin this season. I think the reason I wanted to take on this piece was because of the spirit it exudes. There’s a certain excitement that comes with opening day. It’s more about the people than the actual shredding (just fyi, snow on opening day is awful and there’s only one run that takes, at best, a minute to ride down). “Across the Divide” is about the experience in the mountains. This is one of those experiences I didn’t want to ignore.

There’ll be plenty more pieces in this collection to follow. Stay tuned.

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